By David Wade

FOXBORO (CBS) – They’re taking a shot at reality show stardom, hoping to be one of the next contestants on Survivor. The auditions happened Monday at Patriot Place, and every one of the hopefuls had visions of a million-dollar prize dancing in their heads.

They lined up by the hundreds at the CBS Sporting Club in Foxboro to try out for season 39 of the CBS television show Survivor. “I’ve always said I’m going to try out at some point, and why not now,” said one hopeful.

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Hundreds line up to audition for Suvivor at Patriot Place (WBZ-TV)

The dream is to outwit, outplay, outlast and take a crack at the million-dollar prize. They had only a minute to make an impression. “I’ve been watching the show since I was eight years old. I imagined being on it. I’ve played out every scenario,” said one young man in front of the camera in the audition room.


Caitlin Moore is one of the people the wannabe contestants need to impress. She’s a casting producer for the show. “More than anything we’re looking for authentic people. It is a reality show. We’re not looking for actors. We like to pluck people from all different parts of the country, all different walks of life,” she says.

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Jimmy T. is back for a second try. He was voted off the island eight years ago when he was on Survivor Nicaragua. “The guy that won got a million dollars, but I got a million dollars of experience and friendships,” he says.

Jimmy T. at Survivor auditions at Patriot Place (WBZ-TV)

Even though they know they’re up against thousands of others, somebody has to get the nod. Why not one of them? “I want to be the ultimate survivor,” said a man waiting for his audition.

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Massachusetts has been well represented on the show. Twenty-three Bay Staters have been contestants.

David Wade