By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Lori Trahan, a Democratic candidate running for Massachusetts’ 3rd Congressional District against Republican Rick Green, said she senses frustration among voters on the campaign trail, and says those feelings are likely to manifest this November on Election Day.

Trahan, who served as chief of staff to former Congressman Marty Meehan, won a razor-close Democratic primary after a recount.

Reacting to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, she told WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller that she believes “people are tired of this just being a partisan process.”

Keller @ Large: Lori Trahan Part 2

When asked if she believes voters on both sides of the issues are likely to use their ballot to react to recent events, Trahan said she believes the female vote will be critical this November.

“I’ve talked to a lot of women over the last couple weeks,” she said. “They are outraged. And they’re afraid. They’re afraid for their daughters’ futures – their access to reproductive health, their economic independence, their safety. So I do think that’ll play out in the polls this November.”

Green sat down with Keller last month. Click here to watch his interview.

Jon Keller

Comments (6)
  1. Alan B Flood says:

    Of course she thinks women will play a role in the election in her district – there aren’t enough republicans or conservative voters to elect any true conservatives in the state. Even the Governor and LT governor cannot claim to be conservatives. When was the last time a conservative was elected in that district? Loaded with minorities basically catered to by the Democratic party, where would enough real diverse voters emerge from? They just don’t exist. Why is there a fear of roe vs wade disappearing, Why is the democratic party playing to the women voters and stoking their fears? Economic independence is gained by picking a profession that one is good at and working one’s butt off to achieve one’s goals. Many women have done that and are ceo’s and Coo’s etc, some serve in government where the pay is the same for all elected into positions or serving in civil service positions. Why do women feel unsafe? If they are attacked they should report the crime immediately not 35 years later with no way to corroborate the alleged crime. And how biased it is to be worried about their daughters, why aren’t they worried about their sons’ being charged with crimes they didn’t commit. Government can’t control morality – never will be able to not as long as all human are diverse and different coming from different cultural backgrounds and more importantly from broken family units.;

  2. Kevin Miller says:

    Oh I think there will be outrage expressed at the ballot box next month, but I’m hearing a lot more men and women who are outraged by the Democrat’s treatment of Justice Kavanaugh and plan to #walkaway than the other way around.

  3. J.D. Johnson says:

    There will definitely be blowback at the ballot but it will be by men AND women angry at the obvious negative tactics by the Dems. Ford was not credible and it could not be more obvious that the entire awful disgusting episode was only designed to make Kavanaugh drop out. Kav has said over and over he respects judicial precedent and Roe is not in danger. He is a strict Constitutionalist and that is why he was and is best for the job. He will not judge on emotion like Sotomayer. The Dem scare tactics and the women falling for them are a concern -a concern that these women are unable to think for themselves. A Constitutionalist will judge using the law. That benefits us all. The nonsense being spewed by the left is pathetic and it only takes common sense to see the Ford incident was a setup – one that may be exposed further over time. Already an ex-FBI agent is implicated in witness tampering, her lawyers may be guilty of ethics violation and disbarred, Feinstein’s staff may be guilty of leaking data which is an ethics violation, Ford herself has perjured herself on several accounts, aside from a completely unbelievable story. If half of our society has lost the ability to use common sense and see fiction propaganda, we’re in big trouble.

  4. Theodore Oule says:

    My question echoes Alan Flood’s comment…

    As a member of Marty Meehan’s staff an coming from a district that hasn’t voted for a Republican in living memory, when did she ever talk to any member of the public that held a view contrary to her liberal/progressive viewpoint?

    I have no doubt that she hears a lot from the liberal wing about the Kavanaugh matter…But if she went into an AA meeting, do you think shewould hear that having a glass of wine at dinner would be appropriate?

    Ms Trahan is a product of her close circle of political expression…