NEW BEDFORD (CBS) – After giving birth to her daughter Madison 11 months ago, Ashley Underwood knew there would be some medical bills.

She never expected thousands of dollars worth.

“Unfortunately I would be responsible for the whole amount of my daughter’s birth,” she says. The total, over $16,000.

For the past four years, Ashley was a nurse at Bedford Gardens Rehab Facility in New Bedford. It was owned by a company called Skyline Healthcare out of New Jersey, which owned facilities nationwide. It’s owner was Joseph Schwartz.

Ashley Underwood (WBZ-TV)

“He didn’t pay any vendors. He didn’t pay any of his taxes,” Underwood explains.

Schwartz pretty much abandoned his businesses, and about 5,000 employees, leaving them with huge medical bills.

Ashley has two other kids, but now no pediatrician.

“The pediatrician that I thought was getting paid for all the checkups and everything when I had the insurance, they want everything too,” she said.

Bedford Gardens is not the villain here. It’s the previous owner, Joseph Schwartz, who left a lot of employees with medical bills.

Schwartz is now missing from his New Jersey offices, along with a lot of money.

Bedford Gardens now has a new parent company and health insurance for their employees.

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