By Gary Brode

HANSON (CBS) – A driver was trapped Tuesday night after a truck crashed into a telephone pole, bringing down wires onto her car in Hanson.

“My car was just enveloped in wires,” Robin Martins told WBZ.

The crash happened around 6:30 p.m. on Route 27. Part of the road was closed down as a result.

Robin Martins (WBZ-TV)

The truck crash caused a domino effect, bringing wires down onto Martins’ car.

“So I actually thought that I might be able to get out and crawl under the wires to get to safety, at first I really did believe that,” said Martins who was uninjured in the crash.

Witnesses made sure she did not do that.

“You’ve got everyone telling her ‘Don’t get out, don’t get out!’” one witness said, adding “She was scared.”

“I immediately shut the door and waited,” Martins said.

A crash brought down live wires in Hanson. (Image Credit: Hanson Fire)

Hanson Fire Lt. Keith Wilson explained what could have happened.

“If she did happen to get out of the car, and have one foot inside the vehicle and one foot touch the ground, they can create a circuit and that’s where they can get electrocuted,” Lt. Wilson said.

Four rubber tires likely protected Martins from 13,000 volts.

“This could have ended a lot differently,” Martins said.

About 1,400 customers were without power at one point.

No charges have been filed.

Gary Brode


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