By Lisa Gresci, WBZ-TV

DANVERS (CBS) – It started over a handicap parking spot at the Market Basket in Danvers and ended with one of the women bleeding.

“I realize I was bleeding and I put my hand up on my head and there was just blood all over the place,” 72-year-old Elaine Moore-Oullette said.

Moore-Oullette says her trip to Market Basket was a part of her Saturday to-do list and it was busy, so she waited for a spot.

“And this lady came booming around the corner and went right up to them,” she explained.

That’s when she says she tried to pull up to let 57-year-old Donna Rowe know she was there first.

Elaine Moore-Oullette (WBZ-TV)

“And she gibbered and jabbered and took it. So I said I’m not gonna argue with her I’m gonna let her take it,” Elaine Moore-Oullette said.

She says she went to go into the store but only made it through one set of doors before she was attacked.

“She said something and I turned around this way and she just went … and hit me with something hard she bent my glasses the frame and everything,” she explained.

She says Market Basket employees rushed to help her.

Getting her a chair, paper towels, even a bag of frozen peas.

She says Rowe, left. According to court documents, a warrant for her arrest was issued.

Rowe was arraigned Monday on assault and battery charges. Court documents detail she has 83 adult arraignments.

Irene Stevens, couldn’t say she was surprised. “I come here every day and I’ve had more people take my parking spot but you have to ignore that or they are going to fight with you,” she said.

While other shoppers were simply upset.

“It is very sad but people they get so stressed out and take it out in the wrong direction you gotta have patience and wait,” Diane Chandler said.

“You would like to think this is a safe place to be and god it’s like you’re not safe anywhere,” Ann Dwight explained.

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  1. Jordan Lewis Ring says:


    1. Joe Gotts says:

      ….hands up….don’t shoot….eh?

  2. Cynthia Kanto says:

    Place is a mad house and not enough handicap parking. There’s never an open handicap spot…never…ever. Wouldn’t you think this might be a big RED FLAG that its time to put in another DOZEN extra handicap spots. There are more of us these days and it’s like this every single store.

    Now I looked this lady up…if she has been arraigned in front a judges more than 83 times now how the heck is she living in low income housing? You are not allowed to commit any felony’s and get money for housing. How did she get around that rule? How is she living in that housing complex in Danvers? The housing authority is suppose to be doing background checks on people. Every year.

    1. Stan Olson says:

      57 years old? She’s a kid!

  3. No description by the lamestream is all I need to know to have a description of the perp.

    1. True. You are almost certainly correct.

    2. James McDowell says:

      …Exactly !!

    3. Luis Martinez says:


  4. Tommy Lewis says:

    What does the suspect look like? Pathetic.

  5. R Couch says:

    ahhhh…………..another of obama’s ENTITLEDS

  6. Michael Chovich says:

    83 time in court, it should be shot and put out of its misery

  7. Joe Sewell says:

    Why no image or description of the perp? 83 Arraignments? Lives in public housing?

  8. Ronald Roman says:

    Wakanda enrichment!

  9. Ross Kaske says:

    83 arraignments… this animal has no place in civilized society. 1 bullet to the head, be done with it.

  10. She could have defended herself under the “Limp your ground” act. /sarcasm

    Seriously, though, I’ve seen people really get bent out of shape over who parks in those spots. Most are passive-aggressive but some would gladly attack you over it, as what happened to this woman. (Before you flame, I am disabled too, so :P)

  11. john L says:

    83 arraignments? Still walking the streets. I guess you have to kill somebody for crime to be taken seriously there.

  12. Keith Kettington says:

    yes, the fact that they won’t identify the perp strongly suggests the perp was black.

  13. Alan Brubach says:

    She was Probably a Liberal..

  14. Arrogance, entitlement, completely nonsensical violent response against a helpless victim… Yep, that screams “black perp”.

  15. Danielfb Rice says:

    Had this happened in Calif. where I live, the unpictured perp would have been given the key to the city of San Francisco. Calif. welcomes illegals and criminals with welfare, food stamps and free CA. Drivers Licenses. Law abiding citizens are told to shut up and pay your taxes.

  16. Bruce Harwell says:

    When does this perp DO TIME? Why is she still walking free after 83 trips to court?

  17. Carl Mayo says:

    did you ever notice that most of the people clamoring for the closest parking spots are fat ladies?

  18. Mike Miller says:

    God, what a bunch of Politically correct sheep.

    1. John Devereaux says:

      Yep, that’s the feral beast that attacked the old woman. Took me 30 minutes to locate her FB and then you post it here! You beat me to it!

  19. Rhonda Shepherd says:

    NWA , that’s all I have to say.

  20. The attacker’s Facebook page says she is a warrior for Peace, Love, and Happiness.

  21. Rick Schmidt says:

    Looked at the facebook link of Rowe: Fat black pig. “Donna Kill Kwik.”

  22. WHen I read that the attacker had over 83 arraignments and was still walking around loose and sucking off taxpayers on public housing, I thought the incident occurred in California. But I guess Boston, or maybe all of MA, is as bad.

  23. Steve Kelly says:

    Modern media rule #1 ALWAYS find the truth in the comments section.

  24. Keith Panco says:

    Handicap spots were designed for people in wheelchairs or other mobility assistance. If you can walk inside a store, you don’t need a handicap spot.

    1. Wrong. Not being able to walk 100 yards or heart conditions apply too, along with anything that limits your ability to get in and out of the car without ample space. Your mistake is a common one, and you parking lot doctors and lawyers need to stifle.

      1. Keith Panco says:

        Sorry but you are wrong. I know what “applies”, but these spots were INSTITUTED for people in wheelchairs. My grandson uses a wheelchair, and we can rairly find a spot because they are taken up by young, obese whales who walk throughout stores. Also by healthy “teens” using grandma’s car. If you can walk to the back of Walmart, you do not need a handicap parking spot.

  25. Eddie Melanson says:

    And Donna Rowe is a CNA supposed to be helping people with 83 arraignments, guess there is no moral standard for that job.

  26. Samuel Green says:

    At a Walmart an idiot cut in front of a van that was unloading it’s wheelchair for a person with MS, who needed a little extra space to unload the extra large motorized wheelchair, as it had the full leg extensions.. The jerk then catty cornered their vehicle, and he literally ran into the store… Handicapped my arse.

    I’ll neither confirm nor deny having anything to do with dumping a 20lb bag of bird seed on the jerks car, but I do know at least 40-50 crows shat all over it. The guy that collects the shoppicarts saw the entire event, and he gave a thumbs up.

  27. myother says:

    Jamaica no doubt. Went there once and will never go back.

  28. KJ Cain says:

    I had a temporary handicap tag after back surgery and I took a parking spot near the door at my grocery store. I was walking to the store when a melanin infused person got out of her car and told me that she’d been waiting for that spot. Her car hadn’t been anywhere near that spot. I told her so, and went in to do my shopping. When I came back she had keyed the entire passenger side of my car. If I’d have been a defenseless senior she probably would have attacked me personally.

  29. Daniel Silvan says:

    I would guess that someone who can physically chase after and attack someone is not handicapped. Not physically anyway.

  30. Dusty Granger says:

    83 adult arraignments, but no description or photo of the perp anywhere on the internet. Means there is something about the perp that a description and/or a photo would tell us, that the MSM doesn’t want us to know. Gee I wonder what that is…Hmmmm, let me guess….

  31. Rick Masters says:

    Funny how you can read an article and come up with a mental image of the “perp” before you’re even done reading… And in this case, just like many, many others… that mental image proves to be correct.

  32. Donny Dingle says:

    An angry Boston liberal. Who would have thunk it?

  33. The name looked familiar; I think she used to be a neighbor of mine. As the Salem News indicates (–year/article_936e8292-ff03-528a-b0d4-8af4304d6ee3.html), there’s a mental health issue involved. And no, Dusty Granger, a picture of the woman I’m thinking of wouldn’t reveal what you seem to think.

    Unfortunately, there may not be a simple solution to her situation, although an improvement is obviously needed, for everyone’s benefit. While bad behavior can cause her to lose her housing, someone then has to step forward to provide her with new housing, due to her medical issues. Criminalizing behavior like hers ignores the medical cause, and putting her in a restricted medical setting might make her illness worse. (And if she’s then released, other people would have worse behavior to deal with.) The ideal would be to address the problem directly with better treatment, but her case might be resistant to treatment.

    We can all feel outraged over what happened, and deservedly so. But I think the solution lies in improving the options available to the people who apparently have been trying to help her. That means more funding for treatment and housing of people in her situation, as well as more funding for research on mental illness.

  34. Markey Farrell says:

    The State can end much of the frustration by doing two SIMPLE things:
    Have the Police ticket / tow handicap space & handicap placard violations.
    Have the State government HONESTLY go after handicap placard fraud.
    Would not surprise me if that opened up 25% of the current hc spaces.

  35. Markey Farrell says:

    PLEASE resist yourselves when posting names from facebook or other social media sources.
    A quick online search shows AT LEAST THREE WOMEN named Donna Rowe from Danvers.
    And a a half-dozen more in the Boston-north area.
    Shame on you. I bet you would be ALL kinds of upset if some dope posted your face as a perp.

  36. John Stotesbery says:

    “Let’s Get Ready To Rumbleeeeeee”

  37. Bryan Mason says:

    Headline should have been “Feral Sheboon ape attacks elderly white woman and will continue hurting society until she is put down”.

  38. Poindexter J. Moose says:

    The perp sounds like a jew….angry, violent and rude…is she?

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