BROCKTON (CBS)- Brockton Firefighters are training with new equipment that can quickly lift a bus.

Fire Chief Mike Williams said it’s not only school buses, but charter buses as well, that they need to be prepared for.

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Firefighters in Brockton training to lift a bus (WBZ-TV)

“We have a big stretch of Route 24 that runs through our city, so we have charter buses running up and down Route 24 all day,” Williams said.

With teamwork that would make the Patriots proud, every firefighter has a job to do. From the guys pumping the air bag, to the one directing each side to pump or not, to the guys with heavy metal struts that keep the bus going up.

In a different scenario, they put a school bus on it’s side. But in real life, it could be full of kids. That training is as much emotional as it is technical.

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Brockton Fire Chief Mike Williams (WBZ_TV)

“We’ve also seen an advent of technical rescue disciplines, such as confined space rescue, structural collapse, high angle rescue,” Captain Steve McLean said.

There is a lot to consider when this happens, including a three ton bus.

“There is a lot involved in a situation like this, things that people might not realize. We have a high priority for safety,” Williams said.

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Each firefighter hopes to never have to use this training in real life, but if the day comes maybe they can do what they do best, save lives.