By Bill Shields

WEBSTER (CBS)- If you drive down Main street in Webster, you can’t help but notice a giant pile of rubble, bricks and wood that used to be two buildings.

The August tornado turned it into one big pile. If you look closely, it’s mostly bricks on the right, wood on the left. Bricks were one building, wood the other, and the two owners are equally as different.

The wood has some asbestos in it, which costs more to clean up.

Webster Tornado Debris (WBZ-TV)

“They know the things that tested positive were from their building, they’re saying that there is probably some in my building, I don’t think so,” Mary Konicki, the owner of the brick building said.

Mary Konicki (WBZ-TV)

Since the bricks fell onto the wood, the two owners were at odds over who pays how much to clean it up.

“To decide whose asbestos it is is unknown and she has no documentation from the DEP either saying that her building is 100 percent equivocally asbestos free,” Louis Perrin, the owner of the wood building said.

Louis Perrin (WBZ-TV)

Perrin said that since the bricks weigh more, and cost more to clean up, Konicki should pay 60 percent of the clean up.

“He doesn’t want to pay for the weight of my bricks, I don’t want to pay for his asbestos,” Konicki said.

Asbestos in Webster (WBZ-TV)

The town administrator Doug Willardson said, “It really isn’t the town’s issue, and it is up to them to determine who is going to pay how much to get it cleaned up.”

As of Monday they have agreed. Mary Konicki will pay 60 percent, because her bricks weigh more than Louis Perrin’s wood.

Bill Shields


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