BOSTON (CBS) — Aside from being very rich and very famous, Tom Brady is just like everybody else. He’s got a lot of responsibilities at work, and he’s also got plenty of responsibilities at home.

On Sunday, he did well with the former, and on Monday, he made some progress on the latter. That progress came after Brady was asked about the new book written by his wife, Gisele Bundchen. The book — titled “Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life” — will come out this week, so Brady was asked about the importance of the book release for the Brady family.

“I think it’s great,” Brady said. “She’s obviously my wife, so I think very highly of her. Everything she does I want to support. I think everyone has a journey they go through. We all do. I’m sure you guys do, too. It’s nice to document that, and hopefully people can be inspired by reading certain things that you may not think or you may not know about someone that maybe you project you may know but you really don’t. And you realize that everyone goes through difficult things and obstacles that really shape who they are. I certainly have, she has, and I’m very proud of her for writing those things down and sharing them with the world.”

Brady then went to work as a salesman for the family — and for charity.

“So, go buy it,” Brady said, pounding his fist on the podium. “All the money is going to charity, to her Clean Water Project, which is an exceptional project in the south of Brazil.”

Before walking off the podium, Brady revealed that he works on a commission — though, not for money.

“So,” he said, “hopefully this gets me a kiss tonight on the way home.”


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