FOXBORO (CBS) — Keeping track of Tom Brady’s helmet choice this season has been a full-time job.

The quarterback took the field on Sunday, prior to the Patriots’ Week 4 matchup with the Miami Dolphins, sporting the modern-style helmet which he wore during the preseason and through the first two weeks of the regular season.

It was a change from the previous week, when Brady took the field in Detroit wearing the older helmet model, which he’s worn for almost the entirety of his playing career.

Brady’s choice of headwear may not qualify on its own as being particularly newsworthy. But the fact that he wore the new helmet, switched back to the old helmet, and then went back to the new helmet at least shows that the quarterback has not been entirely comfortable with the switch.

gettyimages 1043500494 Tom Brady Switches Back To New Helmet Style ... Again

Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

It wasn’t Brady’s first flip-flop, either, as he went back to his older helmet after wearing the new helmet during training camp.

It is a change he’ll have to make permanently if he plans to play in 2019. The league banned some older model helmets that offer less protection — including the helmet Brady’s always worn — but allowed players to wear them for one last season in 2018 before enacting the ban.


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