BOSTON (CBS) – The strongest arm on display at Fenway Park on Saturday may have been in the stands.

Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Stanton launched a home run into the Green Monster seats to give New York an 8-2 lead over the Red Sox in the seventh inning.

As is often the case, the fan who caught the ball threw it back. This time, there was a different result than usual.

The ball sailed all the way to the area of second base. While Stanton touched the bag and made his way toward third, the ball bounced and hit him.

Reports from the game indicate the fan was removed from the stadium following his heave.

Stanton was not injured by the beaning.

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  1. Mike Goldthwaite says:

    Classless Red Sox fans…..

  2. Kevin Mathews says:

    Funny how when they do it at Yankee Stadium it’s acceptable but when it happens to the Yankees everyone moans. That fan has a stronger arm than any of the Yankee outfields, I think that is what you are mad about.

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