MEDWAY (CBS) – Town employees swooped in to save one lucky owl when the animal became stuck in netting at a local golf driving range.

Medway Animal Control Officer Brenda Hamelin responded to Cassidy’s Clubhouse on Holliston Street after a resident reported seeing the owl in distress.

This owl was rescued by Medway town employees. (Photo credit: Town of Medway)

Hamelin called the Medway Fire Department, which responded with a bucket truck for the rescue. She and Dave Leavenworth of the fire department went up into the bucket truck together, and cut the netting to free the owl, according to a post on the town’s website.

“They cut the netting around the great horned owl and break if free.  Wrapped comfortably in a blanket, Brenda gives the owl a full assessment and determines he/she has a swollen foot and cannot fly,” the post read.

The owl was rushed to a Tufts Wildlife Clinic in North Grafton for treatment.

Veterinarians “will rehabilitate the owl and determine when he/she is ready to be released,” according to the town.


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