BOSTON (CBS) — Having just completed radiation treatment for yet another recurrence of his cancer, Red Sox color analyst Jerry Remy made a visit to the NESN broadcast booth during Wednesday night’s game between the Red Sox and Orioles.

Remy, 65, announced that while he does plan on remaining a part of the Red Sox broadcasts next season, he will not be able to travel for road games.

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“It’s something we’re going to sit down and talk about. I think that the best way to describe it is I’m not retiring, but there will be limitations. I’m not going to travel anymore,” Remy told reporters at Fenway Park. “We’ll sit down, and we’ll figure that all out at the right time. We’ll have to do something that’s right for everybody. I think that the last couple of years has been a letdown from my point of view to my organization, NESN. I haven’t been able to fulfill my commitment of 115 games. I feel badly about that. So I’ve got to look at a number that is something I can work with and they can work with. So the days of doing all the games are long gone, and the days of doing 115 are also gone, and the days of going on the road are gone. The doctors don’t want me going on the road. But I think there will still be a place for me to do a good number of games, but they’ll be from Fenway.”

Offering praise of the staff at Mass General Hospital for his treatment, Remy was asked what has kept him going through his fight.

“I’m not ready to go anywhere, I think is the biggest thing,” he answered. “You know, I’ve got grandchildren that I want to see grow up. I still want to do my job — probably not in the same level that I’ve done it in the past. There are going to be limitations. But I think everybody wants to keep going, and I think you just find a way.”

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Remy has been battling cancer over the past decade, first getting diagnosed in 2008. The disease came back in 2013, and again in 2017, before returning once more this year. Remy felt humbled by all the support he’s received from people who have reached out to him.

“It’s amazing the impact that you have when you’ve been around 31 years on people, Red Sox fans especially, who welcome you into their home for that long,” he said. “It’s kind of a nice feeling. It’s kind of a nice feeling that they care.”

Remy said it’s that reason why he visited Fenway to speak to the media and to speak on the TV broadcast.

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“The reason I came into the ballpark tonight is because over the last month, I have received tons and tons of mail. I mean, every time the FedEx truck or the UPS truck comes up to the driveway, I know it’s mail from either Fenway Park or from NESN. And I figured the only way that I could possibly answer the people is by going on TV and thanking them personally for that, and also through you guys [the media],” Remy said. “Phoebe and I started to read all the letters, we’ve read every single one that’s come in, and we can’t answer them. It’s impossible. It’s impossible to do. So that’s the reason I’m here tonight is to pretty much say thank you to everybody for their support. It’s been cards from 8 years old to 90 years old. It’s been incredible.”