HANSON (CBS) – Army veteran Paul Skarinka suffered severe injuries from a rocket-propelled grenade while serving in Iraq. Now, he’s dealing with another devastating blow after vandals damaged a house being built especially for him.

“I was definitely shocked and disappointed,” Skarinka said Thursday.

Two boys have been charged in connection with the vandalism. Their names and ages were not released because they are juveniles.

Army veteran Paul Skarinka in the home being custom built for him. Two boys have been charged with heavily vandalizing the home. (WBZ-TV)

Investigators caught the boys with the help of surveillance video and neighbors. Police say they’re facing vandalism charges after confessing to damaging the house. They will appear in Plymouth juvenile court at a later date.

The vandals shattered 24 windows all around Skarinka’s unfinished custom home, causing more than an estimated $50,000 in damages. The destruction has set the construction project back at least five weeks.

“We can be mad all we want. We’ve been mad all week but it doesn’t change the fact, so it’s done and we just got to look forward and see what we can do,” Skarinka said.

Army veteran Paul Skarinka . (WBZ-TV)

The home is being built to make life more comfortable for Skarinka, who uses an artificial leg to walk. He will have an easier time getting around the one-story ranch.

“This is going to be our house for the rest of our lives… I won’t have to be on my leg all the time, I can actually use my wheelchair to get around,” he said.

WBZ-TV was there at the groundbreaking – the first step in a dream come true for Skarinka, his wife and children.

Home being built for wounded soldier vandalized in Hanson. (Courtesy photo)

Builders were hopeful that Skarinka and his family would be in the home for the holidays, but it’s unclear if that target can still be met.

“This was the home of a disabled veteran who was looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his family (in their new home). Now that’s probably not going to happen,” said Alex Karalexis of Homes for Wounded Warriors.

  1. I am a Iraq war veteran and it is so disgraceful to read about this,I hope the contractors can still meet their deadline so Paul can spend Thanksgiving with his family!!!!!!

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