LAWRENCE (CBS) — Gas pipeline ventilation in Merrimack Valley took place Wednesday after it was postponed due to weather. Columbia Gas warned residents that they may smell gas, they may hear loud noises, or their travel may be impacted during the venting.

The impacted areas in Andover were the intersection of Essex and Brook Streets, the intersection of Phillips and Main Streets, and the intersection of Elm and Pine Streets.

The impacted area in North Andover was the intersection of Chickering, Pleasant and Russell Streets.

Lawrence Police also tweeted that crews had blocked off parts of Lenox Street, Hawley Street from South Broadway to Brookfield Street, Inman Street from South Broadway to Brookfield Street, Farley Street at Brookfield Street, and Groton Street at Brookfield Street for ventilation.

Workers on Farley Street in Lawrence told WBZ-TV around noon that they were finished with the gas purging and were on to replacing the gas line.

“Everybody had a question as to what action they were going to take, how quickly they were going to take it, but everything that I’ve seen so far, I mean it looks positive,” said Lawrence resident Arthur Doiron.

First responders and utility crews were visible out in the streets. “This is a routine and safe procedure to ensure any residual gas is removed from the natural gas lines prior to crews beginning work. Venting will occur throughout the restoration process,” Columbia Gas wrote on Facebook.

“If you ever suspect a leak, stop what you’re doing, leave the area and call 911 and Columbia Gas from a safe place.”

Property Claims Centers will also be open from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. in Andover and 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Lawrence.


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