HANSON (CBS) – A home being built for a wounded soldier and his family was vandalized in Hanson. It’s a devastating blow not only for the donors and volunteers, but especially the local hero and his family who have already sacrificed so much.

This is what builders discovered Monday, at the Hanson property they’ve been working on since May: Twenty-four windows and three doors, destroyed – along with some installed lighting. Two boys have been charged in connection with the damage.

Home being built for wounded soldier vandalized in Hanson (Courtesy photo)

“This wasn’t just throwing a rock through a window of an abandoned warehouse,” said Alex Karalexis of Homes For Wounded Warriors. “This was the home of a disabled veteran who was looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his family. Now that’s probably not going to happen.”

Army Cpl Paul Skarinka (WBZ-TV)

WBZ-TV was there at the groundbreaking – the first step in a dream come true for Army Cpl Paul Skarinka and his wife and kids. He suffered severe injuries from a rocket-propelled grenade while serving his country in Iraq.

“Right now his wheelchair doesn’t work in the home,” Karalexis says. “It’s a raised ranch so he’s got to go up and down the stairs. It hurts for him to use prosthetics all the time. This home he’s going to have access to every square inch of his home.”

Home being built for wounded soldier vandalized in Hanson (Courtesy photo)

Thanks to neighbors and surveillance video, Hanson Police quickly identified two young suspects, who confessed. Despite the significant setback, the teams on State Street remain focused on the family who needs and deserves this house.

“It’s about north of $50,000 worth of damage. We’re going to lose probably five weeks and ordering materials,” Karalexis says. “People make mistakes you realize this. This was a big one.”

The two boys will face a vandalism charge at Plymouth Juvenile Court at a later date. The police chief tells us their parents have been helpful and respectful in the investigation.

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  1. What is wrong with these people. No respect for anyone’s property. Disgusting and they should be made to reimburse the money it takes to fix the things they destroyed. Hold them accountable.

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