By Liam Martin

BOSTON (CBS) – A Massachusetts woman is recovering after nearly losing her hand in a shark attack.

Maggie Ewing, 31, of Kingston is overwhelmed with the attention, but happy to still have her hand intact after a spearfishing trip with her boyfriend in the Bahamas turned into an emergency.

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“It’s a spot we’ve been to hundreds of times,” Maggie said.

Maggie Ewing. (Image credit: WFOR-TV)

Maggie speared a hogfish which then swam into a cave.

“So I reached around with my other hand and pulled this way. I actually turned around to see if any sharks were coming before going up, and I felt the pain instantly,” Maggie said. “And turned around and a shark had come over to this shoulder and had sort of latched onto my hand.”

The black-tipped shark, which are usually about five feet long, let go quickly and Maggie swam as fast as she could back to the boat.

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“I just sort of was laying on the deck of the boat attempting to stop the bleeding, really dizzy and uncomfortable,” she said.

Maggie’s boyfriend and a friend helped get her to medical treatment and she was then flown to a hospital in Florida. Her index, middle and ring fingers were badly damaged. A shark tooth was found on one of her fingers.

The surgeons say Maggie should regain full use of her hand and she is already planning a trip back to the Bahamas — to spearfish again.

“I think anyone who dives or spearfishes knows there’s an inherent risk,” Maggie said. “It’s definitely a risk that I would take again; it’s one of my favorite things to do.”

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Maggie says she does not blame the shark. She knows you’re not supposed to put your hand near the fish once you spear it, because the blood attracts sharks.