PEMBROKE (CBS) – An 11-year-old ticket came back to haunt a Pembroke driver trying to renew his license. He had little choice but to pay the fine a second time.

“It kind of ticked me off,” said Ronald Castanha describing the ordeal.

Ronald’s wife, Becky, discovered the issue when she started the license renewal process online.

“My wife checked it on the computer…  and she found out I had a ticket,” Ronald said. “They [RMV] said I owe them $100.”

“It had this ticket on it and it was dated from 2007,” explained Becky.

Becky Castanha (WBZ-TV)

The Castanha’s instantly knew which ticket was on his record. It was a citation from 2007, that Ronald had appealed.  It was initially a $200 ticket but during the appeal process the ticket was reduced to $100. The couple decided to pay the fine rather than miss more work to continue the appeal process.

Since 2007, Ronald has renewed his license without a problem.  But, this time the Registry needed proof the ticket had been paid.

“Who keeps their canceled check from something you paid 11 years ago?” asked Becky.

They tried to speak with a supervisor at the Registry but according to Ronald, “they said they couldn’t do anything about it.”

Ronald Castanha (WBZ-TV)

So, in order to keep Ronald’s license from expiring, the couple paid the $100.  They then reached out to the ITeam’s Call 4 Action.

Once WBZ contacted the Registry, Ronald and Becky got a call that same day.

“But they didn’t do that until you guys contacted them,” said Ronald.

Ronald Castanha (WBZ-TV)

According to the Registry the court no longer had a record of Ronald’s ticket, or the payment, causing the whole problem.  The Registry then put a $100 refund check in the mail.

The move did not come as a big surprise to Ronald, “I thought I was right, like always, and they were wrong. So, that was that.”

The Registry told us this seems to be an isolated incident and has nothing to do with the recent switch at the RMV to the Real ID system.

If you’re having trouble with a consumer issue contact the ITeam’s Call 4 Action at 617-787-7070 or email us at .

Paula Ebben


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