BOSTON (CBS) – There’s a Spanish restaurant in Melrose offering up small plates, big flavors, and a slightly strange name – T’ahpas 529.

“T’ahpas is traditionally spelled T A P A S. But we are in Boston and everyone says ah, so we thought that was sort of funny for T’ahpas,” said Emily Tenreiro, who along with her husband Lorenzo opened this casual, friendly, eighty seat spot about a year ago.

T’ahpas 529 in Melrose. (Image Credit: Phantom Gourmet)

And it quickly became one of the hottest spots in town, thanks to customers who pack the place to savor and share Spanish small plates.

“T’ahpas is about socializing. You come in here to socialize, talk to your friends, while you eat different tapas, different flavors, different dishes that will make the experience a lot better than having just one meal.” Lorenzo said.

“It gives you an experience to taste many different items and see which are your favorites and which maybe are your friends favorites.” Emily added

A calamari dish at T’ahpas 529 in Melrose. (Image Credit: Phantom Gourmet)

And you should probably come with a whole lot of friends, because you’re going to want to order everything on the menu.

Like the crispy potatoes with paprika aioli, grilled corn rolled in cotija cheese, stuffed piquillo peppers and crispy calamari with julienne vegetables and a mango glaze.

“It’s a delicious, delicious dish. Really fresh from the mango and the carrot but the crisp and little sweetness that we get from the sauce make it a well-rounded perfect dish.” Emily explained.

T’ahpas 529 in Melrose offers a variety of dishes. (Image Credit: Phantom Gourmet)

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, there are lots of awesome entrees to choose from, plus a line up of tempting homemade desserts all served by a couple who simply love to see people smile.

Dessert at T’ahpas 529 in Melrose. (Image Credit: Phantom Gourmet)

“It’s the customers. We love what we do everyday. We thrive with being social and this is the perfect environment for that.” Emily said.

“I love what I do. I love making people happy. I love creating all these dishes. I love that creativity that it’s in me that I can express through the food. Just making everybody happy.” Lorenzo added.

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