By Mike LaCrosse, WBZ-TV

WORCESTER (CBS) – Construction crews are demolishing the Notre Dame Church in Worcester.

“This church was like walking into heaven,” said Randy Feldman.

It was built in 1929. Church supporters who don’t want to see the building destroyed are disappointed all the stained glass windows weren’t removed.

Stained glass windows at Notre Dame Church in Worcester (WBZ-TV)

“Several of the windows that are being demolished have dedication to family members,” said Susan Ceccacci.

The church closed its doors more than 10 years ago and was sold in 2010. The diocese said some of the windows were removed before the sale and sold or are being stored. The ones that remain are property of the current owner CitySquare II.

“From the time we purchased the church in 2010, we worked with the Archdiocese of Worcester to successfully remove everything deemed religious or of sacramental value,” said Pamela Jonah of CitySquare II.

Notre Dame Church in Worcester being demolished (WBZ-TV)

“This is culture destruction,” said Feldman.

Church supporters are disappointed more wasn’t done to save all the windows.

“I think the community would have appreciated the possibility to take some of the windows for free if they’re not worth very much,” said Ceccacci.

Demolition of the church will be complete within the next few weeks.

  1. Steve William Lindsey says:

    Such arrogance. They should have at least gone through the motions of removing them. But they couldn’t be bothered.

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