ATTLEBORO (CBS) – The man accused of stabbing another motorist in a violent case of road rage that stretched from Easton to Norton is being held without bail.

Alfred Pond, 49, of Attleboro, appeared in Attleboro District Court Friday morning to face charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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Police say the altercation began in Easton and crossed into Norton Thursday afternoon, where both drivers stopped their cars. That’s where Pond is accused of attacking the other driver, 25-year-old Alan Recca, with a knife. Prosecutors say the two got into it at an intersection, and then Pond kept slamming on his breaks several times trying to cause an accident.

“On the third occasion that occurred in Norton in the area of Plain Street, the defendant stabbed the victim in the chest and threw the knife in the woods in that area,” a prosecutor said in court.

Alfred Pond in court, Sept. 21, 2018. (WBZ-TV)

The victim managed to drive away and followed a landscaping truck, hoping for help. He was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital where he had surgery. He was listed in good condition Friday.

The 911 call from the victim was also released Friday, describing the moments after the stabbing.

Emergency dispatcher: “Do you have something you can hold over the wound?”

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Victim: “I’m keeping my hand and shirt over it.”

Dispatcher: “OK, alright. Do that.”

Victim: “Every time I let go, there’s a lot of blood.”

Dispatcher: “Don’t take it off, just keep pressure on it until someone gets there.”

Police later arrested Pond at his Attleboro home. “The defendant did admit to the road rage incident, did admit to stabbing the victim in this case,” a prosecutor said.

Now, investigators are trying to figure out why it happened.

“We’re not really sure what exactly started it — (whether it was ) some issue with a stop sign, stop light — we’re not sure,” one officer said.

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Pond is due back in court next week.