BOSTON (CBS) – Yogurt is often regarded as a healthy snack but a new study finds that most yogurts on store shelves are chock-full of sugar. In fact, some contain as much sugar as soda.

Researchers studied the nutrient content of more than 900 yogurt products from five online supermarkets in the United Kingdom, including children’s yogurts, yogurt drinks, fruit-flavored yogurts, Greek and organic.

Dessert yogurts contained the most sugar, not surprisingly, but children’s yogurts and organic yogurts had almost as much. Only natural/Greek yogurts met the UK’s criteria for “low-sugar”.

Just because a product contains yogurt does not mean that it is a health food, and you should check nutrition labels carefully.

That said, if you’re choosing between giving your child a donut, a soda or a yogurt, by all means, give him the yogurt because it contains other nutrients like calcium and protein.


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