BOSTON (CBS) – The remnants of former Hurricane Florence hit New England Tuesday, bringing flash floods and severe weather to the region.

WBZ-TV meteorologist Danielle Niles was driving on Route 1 northbound between Lynn and Peabody at about the same time the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning in the area.

“It was wild,” Niles said. “It was pouring so hard that you could barely see. . . when I looked up there was definitely some rotation.”

She said parts of Route 1 were “an absolute mess,” with flash flooding in multiple spots.

“This is probably the worst rain I’ve driven though in years,” Niles said.

Route 114 at Route 1 was particularly bad, she said. Massachusetts State Police reported three vehicles became stranded in the water in that area.

“I know we say turn around, don’t drown, but there was nowhere to turn around,” Niles said. “It was pretty scary.”


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