BOSTON (CBS) — It’s been a pretty busy summer for Celtics guard Terry Rozier.

Ever since he burst on the scene for the Boston Celtics, helping lead the team to the Eastern Conference finals in place of the injured Kyrie Irving, Rozier has enjoyed an offseason of stardom. “Scary Terry” is everywhere, and now, he’s even getting recognized in public by some pretty big stars.

In an interview with GQ, Rozier explained the moment when he knew that he had made it big: When he was recognized by a star of yesteryear, none other than Steve Urkel himself.

“We were out to eat in LA. He was with his bodyguards. He got up to leave and he tapped me. ‘You had a great year.’ Everybody knows who Steve Urkel is. That was nuts,” Rozier said, explaining his encounter with actor Jaleel White. “It’s been crazy all summer.”

Don’t think for a second that a compliment from such a titan of the silver screen will turn Rozier complacent. He knows that his playing time will likely take a dip with a healthy Irving returning to the Celtics lineup, but he isn’t going to live on the “Scary Terry” momentum of last season.

“People can take it two ways. They can either be satisfied or it can be a thing where, ‘I want this to happen forever.’ It’s definitely humbling and it’s a blessing. I want this to always be like this,” he said.

As for that catchy nickname, Rozier gave an in-depth explanation on how it came to fruition. It came shortly after Rozier made one of the plays of the regular season, pilfering a win for the Celtics with a last-second steal and dunk against the Indiana Pacers.

“I love scary movies [and] Scream is my favorite. The way he talks on the phone, talks stuff and all that. [Then] the season plays out, we play Indiana Pacers and I got that last steal and dunk. People started calling me Scary Terry around that time. I was in L.A. and one of the guys in my agency who does marketing sent me shirts. It had the Jason mask on there. And I was like, ‘We need to get the Scream mask on there.’ Then, around the time the playoffs, we started selling them out,” he explained.

While it has brought him plenty of fanfare this summer, and a little extra cash in his pocket, Rozier admitted that he isn’t particularly fond of the nickname off the court.

“People don’t know that I don’t really like the name Scary Terry. I like it when the fans call me it. But outside of basketball, none of my friends call me Scary Terry,” he said. “But I don’t want nobody to think it was just for that year. I feel like it’s kind of my name in the league now.”


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