BEDFORD (CBS) – The Bedford Police are warning residents after a bear was spotted all over the place in that town. Even though the sight is becoming more common, it still comes as a big surprise. Especially when you’re the one doing the spotting, right in your own backyard.

“I was in my garage doing some cleanup, and my wife said, ‘come over, come over, have a look,’” says Hans van der Lee who lives in Bedford. What he saw was a young black bear having a meal at the expense of a bird feeder in his backyard.

“I have every critter in the universe walking through here; fox, possum, coyotes, skunks, but it’s the first I’ve seen a black bear here,” he says.

“This morning I was out on a run with my husband,” says Heather Jacobs. During that run she spotted something in the distance as she ran on the Minuteman bike trail in Bedford. “And I wondered if it was someone’s big, black dog,” she says.

But the pictures she took show it was a bear. “It was a relatively big bear and a surprise to see as we’re coming into downtown Bedford,” Jacobs says.

A bear spotted by a jogger in Bedford (Photo credit: Heather Jacobs)

And this bear is a rambling bear, also spotted at Bedford Farms ice cream shop and at several other spots in town. “It was a little scary when we got a little closer. We wondered if it was feeling out of sorts, hungry or how it was going to react to us going by,” says Jacobs.

But so far, the bear has just been going about its business. “Hopefully it will find its home,” Jacobs says.

The Environmental police are on the case in Bedford, but the bear remains on the loose.

Bedford residents are asked to call 781-275-1212 if they spot a bear.


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