BOSTON (CBS) – A flash flood warning is now in effect for parts of northern and western Massachusetts until 12:45 p.m. Tuesday as remnants of Florence bring torrential downpours and localized flooding to southern New England.

Be prepared for heavy rain and embedded thunder. Florence has had a history of severe storms and tornadoes, but there is a low risk of that here in southern New England.

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By noon, expect torrential downpours, high humidity and temperatures in the 70s.  It will feel tropical Tuesday afternoon. Buckets of rain will start to flood some small streams and urban areas. Gusty wind from the south, southwest.

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Around 5 p.m., the low pressure center is expected to pass south of us in Boston, which means a few heavier rain bands may set up across northern Mass. and southern New Hampshire. Torrential rain continues for the evening drive. Gusty wind from the south, southwest.

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By the evening, the rain exits most of Massachusetts. Some leftover showers are possible across Cape Cod, but for the most part the leftovers of Florence are gone already. Wind direction rapidly switches from the northeast, north.


The system moves fast but brings the tropical moisture with it. This leads to widespread 3-to-5 inches of rain with isolated areas getting 5-to-6 inches. Most models have the heaviest rain band showing up across northern Mass. and southern New Hampshire, but it’s anybody’s guess where other isolated rain bands set up.

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Regardless, river flooding is possible. Small stream and urban flooding is also likely with this amount of rain and an already saturated ground.

Stay tuned to the WBZ-TV Storm Watch weather team for further updates.

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