LAWRENCE (CBS) – Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera told the city’s undocumented residents they should not be in fear after a series of explosions and fires forced many people in the city to evacuate their homes.

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Residents in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover were forced to leave their homes after an over-pressurized gas line triggered more than 60 fires and explosions Thursday afternoon.

Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera. (WBZ-TV)

“Another question was, what about undocumented people in the City of Lawrence? How are we going to deal with them?” Rivera said during a Friday press conference.

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The mayor said undocumented residents should feel safe after leaving their homes.

“I said Lawrence is one community,” Rivera said. “If you live in Lawrence, have a kid in Lawrence public school system, you have an address in Lawrence and you don’t have documents, do not be afraid. Stay in the light. We will support you and your family. This is about getting people who live here safe. This is not about scaring people who live here and making them go somewhere else.”