By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — These days, sports news is sports news. Nothing’s usually all that different. Something happens, a reporter tweets a scoop, then five minutes later it becomes official. Every sports outlet in the world has the story within a few minutes, fans read the news, and life moves on. It’s very much an assembly line of information.

But the Dallas Stars, thankfully, have broken up the tedious monotony of life and injected some fun, as they debuted a rather creative way to make a major announcement.

The Stars on Thursday put to bed any and all speculation that star Tyler Seguin may play elsewhere after the upcoming season, announcing that the team and Seguin agreed to an eight-year contract extension that carries an average annual value of $9.85 million. But announcing it that way would be pretty standard. Somewhat boring.

So the Stars mixed it up and announced it via video, with some inspiration from a well-known Italian plumber:

With all due respect to the great Bob McKenzie, this was a much more exciting way to get the news than your standard tweet from a reporter.

That’s just a world-class announcement, nailing so many details. World 9-1 is obvious, but there’s more. He’s got 26 hockey pucks, and he’s also 26 years old. And did you notice what Seguin’s current score is up in the top left corner? That’s 34,500,000, aka what his last contract paid him. Pretty nifty. (Though Stars GM Jim Nill got kind of a raw deal, if that’s supposed to be him at the end. The video game version of Nill looks to be about 100 years old.)

The contract puts Seguin in the top 10 of the NHL in terms of average annual value. He’s played for Dallas for five seasons now, playing in 387 of a possible 410 games, and playing in all 82 games in each of the past two seasons. He’s been just about a point-per-game player, posting 173-211-384 totals in those 387 games.

And even if he never accomplishes anything else on the ice, he’ll at least go down as the player who had the best NES-inspired contract announcement of all time.