HUDSON, NH (CBS) – A rotting tree smashed into an SUV driving on a road in Hudson, New Hampshire. Amazingly, the woman walked away without a scratch.

Splintered wood still sits atop the shattered windshield, caved hood, and crumpled roof of her Honda CRV.

“I just feel very fortunate that I’m OK,” said Susan Jutras.

Not thrilled with all the attention, Susan didn’t want her face shown as she recounted her commuting near miss on Lowell Road in Hudson.

“It came out of nowhere really,” Susan said.

A woman was inside an SUV when a tree fell on it in Hudson, NH (WBZ-TV)

Susan says she was thinking about stopping for a hot fudge sundae on her way home from work Tuesday, but thanks to a rotten tree, her stop was far more abrupt.

In fact, the security camera at a used car lot captured the tree falling out of a yard across the street and nailing Susan’s car with a direct hit.

The crash was caught on surveillance video. (Image credit: Stellar Motor Group)

“It happened very quickly but to me I felt like I was inside a slow motion movie,” Susan said.

Evan O’Hanian scrambled out of Stellar Motors.

“Right when I saw it I said oh man the lady must be hurt, the car was destroyed,” Evan said.

But Susan had already climbed out of the wreckage on her own, sprinkled in shattered glass but otherwise OK. She says there wasn’t really time to be afraid.

“I think it was one of those random things and I happened to be there at the wrong time,” Susan said.

But most everyone agrees the difference between “not a scratch” and tragedy might’ve been only a split second.

“I was pretty fortunate,” Susan said.


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