BOSTON (CBS) – The T.S. Kennedy is a 600-foot training ship, used to teach the cadets at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The ship is also a veteran at helping out after hurricanes. It becomes a floating hotel.

“With Kennedy being activated, we can put 700 people on board, when it comes to natural disasters like this, the need for first responders to get in there, be able to work a full day’s work, get a good night’s rest and three squares is very important,” says Commodore Brad Lima.

The Kennedy was deployed to Houston after Hurricane Harvey, then to Puerto Rico after Maria. Now, the government has told them to standby for Hurricane Florence, which is taking aim at the Carolinas.

“You don’t want to have to wait two weeks after a storm comes through to have aid show up,” says the ship’s captain, Mike Campbell. “So that’s why we’re looking at the possibility of things happening so they’ll have us ready.”

The beds on the Kennedy are spartan but efficient and the kitchen is no frills but can put out 2,100 meals a day. It enables the first responders to do their lifesaving work.

  1. Debbie Perry Furtado says:

    Thank you very much for providing aid to the people impacted by hurricane Florence. You make us proud T.S. Kennedy from Massachusetts Maritime Academy,

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