BOSTON (CBS)– Summer can be difficult for many with the rain, then the heat, and now rain again. Many gardens and lawns are struggling; keeping a lush, green lawn can be a full-time job.

By following these simple tricks, your grass can be greener and healthier in no time.

Lawnmower (WBZ-TV)

“With the lawn, water less frequently and longer, about an inch of water every two to three days, should be fine without any natural rain,” said Mark Saidnaway of Pemberton Garden Service Inc.

While watering is key, too much water can also cause issues. In order to make sure you aren’t overwatering, use a screwdriver.

“If you actually take that screwdriver and stick that into your soil you’ll be able to identify real easily where that soil moisture line is on the screwdriver,” explained TruGreen Regional Technical Manager Ryan Petitti.

If the screwdriver comes out wet, take a break from watering for a few days. Overwatering causes weeds and can be bad for the overall health of the grass. “You don’t want to continuously apply water day after day after day.”

After that, grab a tuna can.

TruGreen Regional Technical Manager Ryan Petitti (WBZ-TV)

Petitti said, “Take a couple of tuna cans put it around your irrigation system, let it run for whatever period of time you have it set to — let’s say 30 minutes. Then you’d be able to see in that tuna can how much water the irrigations system has put out.”

According to Petitti, you should be aiming for one to one-and-a-half inches a week.

When it comes to mowing the lawn, less often and at a higher setting makes for a healthier lawn, said Saidnaway.

How would you find the perfect lawnmower setting? A credit card, of course.

“Everyone’s got one. It’s just over three inches in height. Check your mower blades, if it slides up your mower blades, that means you’re at the right height,” said Petitti.

Or line up your credit card against the grass, if the grass is slightly taller, that is the right height.


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