BOSTON (CBS) – A cruise ship that was stuck in Buzzards Bay for nearly six hours Friday has regained power and will be inspected in Rhode Island. There are 350 people aboard the cruise ship Star Pride, which is on a 17-day cruise from Reykjavik to New York.

The 440-foot ship was anchored off the coast of Westport after a loss of cooling water caused an automatic shutdown of the engines.

A cruise ship lost power in Buzzards Bay (Image from Environmental Police)

Passenger Jose Kirchner described the confusing moments before the power loss. “We had some vibration that lasted for perhaps five to ten seconds, and then basically we lost everything,” Kirchner said.

Kirchner, who is from California, says the ship was drifting before it dropped anchor about five miles from shore.

The ship’s power was restored at about 5 p.m. For about two hours, the ship was on emergency generator power, that includes power to navigation equipment and safety systems as well as basic comforts for the passengers and crew.

Cruise ship Star Pride stuck in Buzzards Bay (WBZ-TV)

Tugboats escorted the Star Pride to Newport Friday night where the Coast Guard will inspect the ship before it completes its trip to Manhattan.

“The inspections will ensure the safety of the passengers and crew before they conclude their voyage to Manhattan,” said Coast Guard Capt. Chris Glander.

The Star Pride is operated by Windstar Cruises and has 191 passengers and 160 crewmembers aboard. No injuries have been reported.

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