BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – Students were evacuated from a school bus Friday afternoon after a student on board phoned in a bomb threat.

The bus driver pulled over on Route 24 in Bridgewater around 2:40 p.m. after a call was made to Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School saying a bomb was on the bus.

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“There was so much going on. It was really nerve-racking,” said freshman Casey Moran.

“We all got off the bus and saw police walking towards us and we were all confused and went over to him and he was telling us we need to be 300 feet from the bus and we all went inside.”

Police respond to bomb threat on school bus on Route 24 in Bridgewater (Image credit Casey Moran)

Casey shot cell phone video of the State Police bomb squad clearing the bus. Her mom Irene was a nervous wreck at home in Bridgewater listening to it all play out over her police scanners.

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“My husband was here keeping me as calm as I could and I wanted to stay calm so when I talked to Casey I could keep her calm,” Irene said.

State Police say they searched the bus and did not find anything and determined a student on board made the false threat.

“I think it’s pretty stupid to be honest with you,” Casey said. “I mean that’s not really a smart thing to do you can get in a lot of trouble and scare other people especially with what’s been going on recently.”

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The students were eventually allowed to get their backpacks and went on a separate bus home. The student accused of calling in the bomb threat was arrested and will be charged.