By Beth Germano

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – A woman has been arrested in connection with a fatal hit and run in Cambridge. It was a horrifying accident right in the driveway of the Cambridge Housing Authority complex on Erie Street where 80-year-old Romelia Gallardo was struck and killed using her wheeled walker.

Police say Ashley Monturio, 41 of Pembroke has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

“The lady wanted to come in the back door, she went in the driveway and when she did that was it, she got hit,” said neighbor Jean Roy.

Gallardo was left injured on the ground. She was transported to Cambridge Hospital but later died from her injuries.

The scene of a deadly Cambridge hit-and-run crash. (Image Credit: Beth Germano/WBZ-TV)

Neighbors are outraged that someone behind the wheel wouldn’t stop.

“There’s no excuse for that,” said Deborah Dennis. “It’s disgusting, you check on the person and see if there’s anything you can do.”

Neighbors say it was Gallardo’s shopping day and she was returning from buying some groceries with the walker she uses to get around the Cambridge neighborhood.

“Why would they then take off, seems like they were fearful,” said neighbor Red Mitchell.

Neighbors are heartbroken over the loss of their friend.

“She’s just such a sweet woman who lives on the medical floor.  She is a nice lady,” said neighbor Susan Batista.

Monturio was arrested at the Cambridge Police Station and will be arraigned on Friday.

Beth Germano

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  1. J.D. Johnson says:

    Illegal alien, no doubt. Again.

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    I bet it was a foreigner!

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