WEST BROOKFIELD (CBS) – A West Brookfield husband and father told WBZ-TV he wants justice served after his cousin was charged with four counts of first-degree murder for allegedly killing his wife and three children.

Sara Bermudez, 38, Madison Bermudez, 8, James Bermudez, 6, and Michael Bermudez, 2 were found dead inside their Old Warren Road home in March.

On Wednesday, Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early announced that 31-year-old Matthew Locke of Ware is charged with the murders. Locke, a cousin of Sara Bermudez and her husband Moses, was ordered held without bail during a brief arraignment.

Sara Bermudez, 38, and her children, Madison, 8, James, 6, and Michael, 2, were found dead in their home March 1. (Photo: GoFundMe page)

Moses Bermudez was working in California at the time of the murders.

Investigators had previously said little about the case. Several weeks after the murders, Locke was arrested and charged with misleading police. He was not charged in the killings at the time, but he has been held since his arrest.

Moses Bermudez told WBZ-TV on Wednesday Locke’s arrest was a relief.

“My first reaction was that 1,000 pounds were released from my shoulders, just wondering who did this,” he said.

Matthew Locke is arraigned in court on September 5, 2018, after murder charges were announced. (WBZ-TV)

Bermudez said police told him “men lie, people lie, but DNA don’t lie.”

He said that the investigation has been difficult on his family, given that a relative was viewed as a potential suspect in the case.

“I think about my wife and kids. That’s the most important thing to me. I want justice to be served,” said Bermudez.

“I know he’s our family. But if he did do it, and they charge him with first degree murder and they have evidence against him for doing those crimes, are you all going to get on board now?,” Bermudez recalls telling family members. “And the majority of them, if not all of them said yes.”

Bermudez said police have not told him a motive in the murders.

Moses Bermudez in court (WBZ-TV)

“Why would he come and kill my family? Was there something else involved? I don’t know. Only the police know. When this case unfolds, we’re all going to find out,” he said.

Early said the case is “very complex and remains active.” Anyone with information about Locke is asked to call State Police or the West Brookfield Police Department.

“This has been a very difficult case for everyone involved,” Early said.

The scene was a horrific one for arriving officers. “There was a fire at the scene that was self-extinguished. Officers observed all victims suffered stab wounds,” said Early

It was Moses Bermudez’ father Carlos who called 911 after discovering the bodies. Moses was working a job in California and asked his father to do a well-being check on the family he couldn’t reach that day. Carlos Bermudez is also relieved. “I felt like I had an enormous rock on the back of my neck that has been cut in half. God is finally showing that he did it and he will not be getting away with it.”

Locke is already being held on charges he misled investigators in the case, allegedly telling them he was nowhere near the home, and that Moses Bermudez was blaming the murders on violent gangs.

Now Moses Bermudez says he feels vindicated after speculation about his own involvement in the murders. “I’m saddened that it’s my own family involved with this,” he said. “I wish things were different.”

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano contributed to this report.

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