BOSTON (CBS) — Primary polls will open in Massachusetts communities on Tuesday. With just a few days left before elections, Jon Keller took a look at two of the most heated races in the state.

To help, Keller was joined by Matt Stout from The Boston Globe and Experience Magazine Editor Joanna Weiss. Experience Magazine is published by Northeastern University. It is a general interest magazine that focuses on the value and power of experience.

7th Congressional District – Democratic Primary: Incumbent Mike Capuano vs. City Councilor Ayanna Pressley 

Keller: Did this race turn out to be about change and this wave of dissatisfaction?

Stout: “I’m not sure if it’s a wave of dissatisfaction but maybe this hunger for something new, a voice. I mean that’s how Ayanna Pressley kind of presents herself because they agree on so many issues but it’s sort of ‘I could bring a different perspective than Mike Capuano can.’ And Mike Capuano is saying ‘well, look at everything I’ve done.’ I wouldn’t say there is dissatisfaction with Mike Capuano but yes, I think it will be a test of do people just want to hear a different voice, see a different face representing them down there?”

Weiss: “This race, like several others in Massachusetts, speaks to the challenge of the Democratic pipeline here. There are a lot of people who are ambitious politicians who have a lot of skills, who want to do something and rise to the next level and there are a lot incumbents who have been there for a really long time who are popular enough because they’ve been doing a fine job. And so there’s this question for the voters of ‘is change for the sake of change, for the sake of a new voice who might do things a little bit differently worth letting go of someone who you like?'”

Keller: “Isn’t [identity] in fact a significant factor here?”

Weiss: “It’s part of Pressley’s message. ‘I’m representing and I want to bring to the floor issues that affect people who may not have been at the fore before.’ And I think that’s going to affect whether she can pull this off or not — can she draw in people, particularly within the city limits of Boston, who maybe haven’t voted before or haven’t voted in these congressional races before but are going to be so enthused by her as a figure and her image and her voice that they are going to come out to vote.”

Secretary of State – Democratic Primary: Incumbent William Galvin vs. City Councilor Josh Zakim

Keller: “Has Josh Zakim made the case to throw out the longest-serving incumbent statewide officer Secretary of State Bill Galvin?”

Weiss: “This is another race where no one has been complaining about the incumbent. Josh Zakim is coming in and saying ‘I’m new, I have a fresh look.’ He’s talking a little bit more about cybersecurity than Galvin but his complaints — this race has been really vicious for an office that is one of the quietest, background offices in the state. This has been a vicious drag out race where they have really been trying to get dirt on each other. But the dirt has seemed a little petty to me on both sides… As Zakim has been trying to get attention, he’s been trying to hit Bill Galvin for old, old legislative votes that he’s made, having to do with gay marriage and having to do with abortion rights, things that ‘A’ are far in the past and ‘B’ have nothing to do with the secretary of state’s office.”

Stout: “I think what he’s trying to do is focus on something that everyone is talking about after 2016, it’s elections, there’s fears of hacking. He’s trying to focus on something that will appeal to people overall because most people are focusing too much on the securities part of the secretary of state’s office. He’s trying to hit on the hot-button issue that secretary of states across the country, including here, have to deal with. So he chose a good path, I guess, did he make a good enough argument that he could bring change that Galvin isn’t already doing that, I guess, remains to be seen.”

Turnout Prediction: 

Stout: 300,000-400,000.

Weiss: “This is going be a low one, nothing big at the top of the ticket and hot.”


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