BOSTON (CBS) – We won’t have temperatures quite as hot as last week, but it will be toasty for Labor Day.

Highs will be in the low to mid 90s with heat index values between 95 and 100 degrees. Slightly cooler temperatures will be along the coast, Cape and islands so that is why there is not a heat advisory for those areas.

The heat advisory includes interior locations likely to see real-feel temps near 100, and will be in effect noon Monday-6 p.m. Tuesday.

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

Tuesday will be another hot and humid day, but a backdoor cold front could bring temps down to the upper 70s on the coast in the late afternoon (after highs around 90). This boundary may trigger pop up storms, though it is uncertain how far inland the front will go.

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

Wednesday will be dry and sunny, a tad cooler with highs in the mid 80s.

Thursday will be hot again but a cold front in the evening will bring scattered rain and storms.

Friday through next week we will have cooler temps and less humidity.

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

Meteorological summer (June, July, August) has come to an end and the climate data is in! According to the numbers, Boston had the 3rd warmest summer on record with an average temperature of 73.8 degrees. June was normal, July was 7th warmest, and August took the top spot with the hottest August on record. More above average temperatures are expected for the first half of September.

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

We are always keeping an eye on the tropics and we are now approaching the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season (June 1-Nov. 30).  We have tropical storm Florence way out to the east.   It could affect Bermuda next weekend, but that is not a certainty at this time.

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

Another disturbance in the Bahamas is likely to become a tropical storm on Monday…it will take the name Gordon. This will affect the Gulf coast along Florida, then head towards Louisiana and Texas.  Bringing several inches of rain, gusty wind, spin up tornadoes, and rough surf.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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