NORTON (CBS) – A bull rider died this week in Norton after being stepped on by the animal while training.

Evaldo DeSilva, 35, was riding the training bull at the New England Rodeo on Wednesday. DeSilva, who was wearing protective gear, fell from the bull onto the ground.

Evaldo DeSilva. (Image Credit: New England Rodeo)

While on the ground, DeSilva was stepped on, causing fatal injuries.

“The incident remains under investigation by Norton Police, however it appears that it was a tragic accident and that no foul play was involved,” police said.

New England Rodeo is holding a fundraising event in DeSilva’s honor on Saturday.

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  1. Eric Mills says:

    My sympathies to the DeSilva family for their loss.

    But let’s be honest here. Such tragedies are avoidable. REAL working ranch hands never rode bulls. It’s all hype for a violence-prone audience and $$$. This dangerous event and sometimes fatal event should be banned outright nationwide. Ditto all of rodeo, an activity condemned by EVERY major animal welfare organization in the country due to its inherent cruelty. For most of the animals involved–bulls and horses included–rodeo is merely a detour en route to the slaughterhouse.

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