By Mike LaCrosse

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s beginning to look at lot like “Allston Christmas” as thousands of students return to the city for the school year.

“There’s little gifts all around all over the place,” said Ryan Meehan.

Sept. 1 is the largest lease turnover date in the city. Many college students and recent graduates are moving out or moving into the Allston-Brighton area.

People were gathering treasures during “Allston Christmas” on Friday. (WBZ-TV)

“Our plan is to take my son out of this apartment, then have to drive to Dedham to stay in a hotel out there, then drive all the way back in tomorrow morning and move in him about three blocks away,” said Mia Jennings.

While the tenants move out, the landlords only have a couple of hours to turn around the units.

“I will probably be here all night. We will all be here all night doing what we can to make it ready for the next batch,” said Allston property manager Bobby Hawco.

Other people’s junk turns into some people’s treasure during “Allston Christmas.” (WBZ-TV)

All the items left behind in the apartments get tossed onto the sidewalk and are ripe for the picking.

“Most of the stuff that’s already in the house is from the side of the road last year or the year before to be honest,” said Holly Ray.

“I’m looking for a couch, which is kind of dangerous but you get what you can take,” said Jordan Frankenthaler.

Parking restrictions and detours will be in place over the weekend. People renting moving trucks are being reminded not to drive on Storrow Drive.


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