BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady is one of the most famous athletes in America, and he’s pretty well known around the globe. But not everybody knows who he is — not even everybody who wears his jersey.

We all learned that on Thursday night, when the Patriots shared a video from the sideline of MetLife Stadium prior to Thursday night’s preseason finale.

The video shows a lucky young fan who’s waiting for autographs. That lucky young fan is wearing a Tom Brady jersey. And that lucky young fan somehow hit the jackpot, because it was Tom Brady who was making his way down the line.

Unfortunately, the little guy didn’t recognize the quarterback, who wasn’t wearing his pads or helmet.

See the video for yourself.

Fortunately, somebody (presumably Mom?) was able to step in and let the young man know just in time that the mystery man was, of course, Tom Brady, The quarterback didn’t seem to catch the minor snafu, as he signed an autograph and complimented the young fan’s jersey choice.


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