BRUNSWICK, Maine (CBS Local) — PETA is making crustaceans a priority. After lobbying Baltimoreans to stop eating crab last week, PETA is now petitioning Maine to allow them to build a roadside memorial for lobsters that died when a truck carrying 7,000 pounds of lobster overturned on Route 1 in Brunswick last week.

Courtesy: PETA

 PETA sent a letter Wednesday asking the Maine Department of Transportation to place the 5-foot memorial near the crash site and urge passersby to “Try Vegan.”

“Countless sensitive crustaceans experienced an agonizing death when this truck rolled over and their bodies came crashing down onto the highway,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA hopes to pay tribute to these individuals who didn’t want to die with a memorial urging people to help prevent future suffering by keeping lobsters and all other animals off their plates.”

The lobster truck that crashed in Brunswick, Maine. (Photo credit: Brunswick Fire Department)

PETA said that “lobsters are intelligent individuals who use complex signals to establish social relationships and can take long-distance seasonal journeys.” They apparently can travel up to 100 miles a year, according to PETA.