WATERTOWN (CBS) – Last April, Joe Murphy of Watertown wired $500 to help out his son who has been living in London.

When his son arrived at Western Union to pick up the money, he realized his ID was expired and Western Union wouldn’t hand over the cash. Joe had to send another $500 to a friend.

“I cancelled the first transaction and they said I would get my money back in 7 days,” Joe explained.

Joe Murphy. (WBZ-TV)

The disabled artist waited, but the money never came. Over the course of the next three months, he was asked to provide numerous bank statements.

“This is the one I sent to prove I didn’t get the money in June,” he said showing us the emails he sent to Western Union.

Each time the company said they would start another investigation and call back in a week.

“I waited another seven days for, I think, the fourth investigation,” he said.

Western Union agreed to refund Joe, a disabled artist, $500 dollars and they gave him an extra $50 dollars for his trouble. (WBZ-TV)

His frustration growing, a friend suggested he call the I-Team’s call for action.

“So you called [Western Union] corporate and literally within four hours, I got a call,” he said.

“Channel 4, you guys are awesome,” he said. “I got my money, I got my 50 bucks and we went out to dinner.”

Western Union told us they have not tracked down exactly what went wrong.