BOSTON (CBS) – The whales love Boston! Since Friday, Boston Harbor Cruises has seen five to six humpback whales swimming just less than a quarter of a mile from downtown Boston.

Several humpback whales have been seen in Boston Harbor. (Photo credit: Boston Harbor Cruises)

Seeing whales so close to the city is an extremely rare occurrence, according to wildlife experts.

They are warning recreational boaters to go slow, keep at keep at least 100-300 feet away, and be vigilant on their VHF radio for any updates from the Coast Guard.

Boaters should not try to touch, feed, or swim with the whale. And most importantly, keep an eye for the whale: look for a dark back with pointy dorsal fin, and the blow of the whale.

Wildlife experts say they’re seeing feed balls closer to the inner harbor which might explain why all the humpback whales are coming so close to the city and inner harbor.

A whale splashes in Boston Harbor. (Boston Harbor Cruises photo)

Among the whales spotted, naturalists identified Sriracha and Angus’s 16 calf. Two of the humpbacks began to forcefully lunge feel and this was captured on camera, just near Brewster island.

They have been feeding off Boston Light and close to Spectacle Island.


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