By Barry Burbank

BOSTON (CBS) — August goes out broiling!

Summer Rolls On     

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Summer weather is not over yet and that is great news for those that enjoy the hot weather.  It is not good news for students and teachers who will be returning to the classrooms this week. It is bad news for those that have been suffering through the relentless heat of the past 8 weeks. Without air conditioning or fans, the days have been sizzling and the nights have been stuffy and difficult for sleeping for many. Strenuous outside work has been very tough. Since June, the breaks of refreshing air have been few and short-lived.

Any Records?                

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This August will end up being one of the hottest on record. It certainly will be the hottest in at least the past 25 years! With the projected torrid conditions of the next 3-4 days, it will easily exceed August 2016. Despite the expected 90’s this week, Wednesday will be the only day when records may be challenged. The temperature COULD max out at 97 in Boston which will break the old record of 96 set back in 1953!

Heat Wave 

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I reiterate that it’s not going to be just a 1-day stand. A heat wave for much of the region is a lock. Most areas will end up with a 4-day heat wave except along the South Coast and, of course, Cape Cod and the Islands and perhaps some east-facing beach communities.

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Despite the forecast, the odds do not favor heat waves late in the summer. In fact, since the 1870’s, Boston has only had 3 heat waves in September. In 2010, Boston had 25 days at 90 or higher, 5 of which occurred very late from August 29-September 2! In 1948, there was an extremely hot heat wave on August 26-28, 1948 with temperatures of 99, 100 and 99 respectively!


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The hottest days will likely occur on Tuesday and Wednesday. Anticipate high temperatures in the range of 93-98 except at south-facing coastal locations where it will be a bit less hot at 85-90. Factor in the expected oppressive humidity and it will feel more like 100-107 degrees!

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The National Weather Service will issue a HEAT ADVISORY. It is important to reduce strenuous outside work and sports activities and stay well hydrated to lessen the risk of heat-related illnesses.


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It looks like the pattern wants to hang tough and provide additional episodes or bursts of hot and humid weather into the first half of September! Beyond that, I am not expecting a repeat of the record-breaking warm & humid October that we experienced last year.

Get ready to beat the heat this week!


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