WAREHAM (CBS) – Animal control officers are trying to find the person who abandoned a pit bull at a rest area along Interstate 195.

“We strongly believe this male pit was dumped at the rest area along this busy stretch of highway,” the Wareham Department of Natural Resources said in a Facebook post Friday.

Animal control officials say this pit bull was abandoned at a rest area along I-195 in Wareham. (Photo: Wareham Department of Natural Resources)

At 9 a.m. Friday, an animal control officer responded to the I-195 rest area for a reported loose and aggressive pit bull.

When the animal control officer arrived, she found the male pit bull in the parking area.

Not knowing the dog’s temperament, the officer tried to build trust with the dog by giving him treats. The dog eventually calmed down.

The abandoned pit bull accepts treats from an animal control officer. (Photo: Wareham Department of Natural Resources)

“Eventually, he was approachable along with a wagging tail and listening to commands for more treats!” the department said. “A leash was able to be placed on the pit bull and secured in the animal control vehicle without any aggressive or further stressful incidents, and of course received more treats!”

The “handsome” pit bull is now being cared for by the Lakeville Animal Shelter. He is not available for adoption or fostering at this time.

“We have not received any reports of missing dogs matching this big fella,” the department said. “The dog did not have a collar and a chip was not discovered during the initial check.”

Anyone who recognizes the dog is asked to call the Wareham Animal Control division of the Department of Natural Resources at 508-291-3100, ext. 3180.

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