HANSON (CBS) – Two men were seriously injured when a small plane crashed into a pond near Cranland Airport in Hanson Friday afternoon.

A family member says the victims are brothers and were flying to spread their father’s ashes. Don Conway, the victims’ uncle, says the boys’ father passed away from cancer two weeks ago.

Two men were injured when a plane crashed in Hanson (WBZ-TV)

He says their conditions are unknown. “I know one was conscious and one wasn’t, I don’t know which one was and which one wasn’t,” Don Conway said.

Video from SkyEye shows a yellow plane with extensive damage in a shallow part of the pond. It’s not yet clear if the plane was taking off or landing when it crashed.

Two men were injured when a plane crashed into a pond in Hanson (WBZ-TV)

Conway says his nephew piloting the plane is in the service, flies Blackhawk helicopters and has flown out of Cranland Airport many times.

Both victims were trapped inside the plane when first responders arrived. Hanson police and fire worked together to extricate them using saws and hand tools. They were put on separate medical helicopters. One was taken to Tufts Medical Center, the other to Mass General.

In a statement, the Federal Aviation Administration said it is investigating the crash, which involved an Aeronca 7AC Champion aircraft. The National Transportation Safety Board will determine the probable cause of the accident, the FAA said.

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