BOSTON (CBS) – An underwater photographer had an unforgettable encounter with a great white shark off the coast of Massachusetts.

Keith Ellenbogen said his close brush with a 16-foot shark happened a few days ago in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, 25 miles away from Boston.

Ellenbogen says he was filming a humpback whale while freediving with no protective barrier when the shark swam within inches of him. He captured the whole encounter on 360 video.

“I came so close that I was about an arm’s length away from the shark and it made this really strong eye contact that was unmistakable of a registration of knowing me and me knowing it and we just swam past each other in perfect harmony,” Ellenbogen said.

The 360 video shows the close encounter with a great white shark. (Image credit: Keith Ellenbogen)

Ellenbogen was taking photos for NOAA and Stellwagen Bank when the shark appeared. He says Stellwagen Bank is one of the most impressive places he has been and this encounter won’t stop him from returning.

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  1. Shara Chernicki says:

    Why does the video look altered? It looks like two portions of video were put together. And why is there a portion blurred out?

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