By Gary Brode

PELHAM, N.H. (CBS) – A man is recovering from stab wounds after police say he interrupted a burglary in his own home.

The Jackson family is still in shock. “These people could have killed him,” said Taylor Jackson, the victim’s daughter. “We could have had our father taken away from us.”

The dog was not hurt in the attack. (Photo credit: Gary Brode – WBZ-TV)

Wednesday night — Pelham police say 53-year-old Steven Jackson came home — when he noticed one of their dogs — Buddy was nowhere to be found.

“He heard the dog scratching so he opened the closet door and the dog was inside the closet,” said Nicole Jackson, the victim’s wife.

Just a short time later, a man came running down the steps and a fight started.

“They had a little scuffle and during the scuffle the second intruder came down from the bedrooms, stabbed my husband in the back and sliced his arm,” Nicole said.

The two men ran out the back door and have not been found.

The man was attacked in his home on Kopers Lane in Pelham, New Hampshire. (Photo credit: Gary Brode – WBZ-TV)

“Coming home to our house last night and seeing blood splattered on the floor and chairs tipped over and my parents room being ransacked, I couldn’t close my eyes last night without thinking about it,” Taylor said.

Nicole Jackson says she’s glad their kids weren’t home, but their son doesn’t feel the same.

“I just feel terrible. One of the first things I said to him when I saw him was ‘I wish I was here with you,’” the victim’s son said.

And now the family must continue living in the same place they’ve called home for 19 years.

“Your home isn’t your safe place right now. Hopefully, as time goes by we will feel better and kind of get passed it but right now it’s difficult,” Nicole said.

Police described the intruders as a white man with long hair and a Hispanic man with a red shirt. Police also believe they may have been picked up on Route 38 near the Salem, New Hampshire line.

Gary Brode