BOSTON (CBS) — Sure, relying on ride-sharing apps can eliminate the pains of owning a car, but it will cost you. According to AAA, constantly use ride-sharing apps is more than twice as expensive than owning your own vehicle in Boston.

At $27,545 in ride-hailing costs a year, Boston was ranked the most expensive city in the United States for Uber and Lyft users.

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AAA estimates the average American city-dweller drives about 10,841 miles per year. They also considered the occasional car rental cost and ride-hailing costs to come to their conclusion. Across the 20 major urban areas surveyed, using ride shares as a primary mode of the transportation costs $20,118.

“On average, those using ride-hailing services spent an average of $13.15 per trip, spending 15.11 minutes and traveling 6.66 miles,” the AAA study said.

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And the average annual cost of owning and driving a car is between $7,321 and $10,841, according to AAA, without parking fees.

Parking in Boston can, at times, be stressful, limited, or outrageously expensive. AAA estimates Bostonians spend about $5,298 a year to park their cars.  And “for those with access to free parking, relying on ride-hailing services is nearly three times more expensive than vehicle ownership in these cities.”

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AAA offered a few suggestions for car owners looking to minimize their operating costs:

  • Buy a gently used car – Depreciation is the single largest expense for car owners.
  • Fuel responsibly – Don’t buy premium gas unless your car requires it.
  • Don’t skimp – Spending money on routine maintenance.
  • Slow down – Driving the speed limit is not only the safest option, it will help save gas.