BOSTON (CBS) – We have been adding up the hot and humid days. So far Boston has hit 90 degrees 16 times. We have had 57 days at 80 º or higher…the most since 1994 and 1977. Plus it has been wicked humid.

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The built up energy will help fuel some strong or severe thunderstorms Friday. That, combined with a warm front boundary lifting through New England, and we could see widespread convection Friday.


Friday is a day to stay weather aware and keep an eye to the sky. After 2pm a storm can pop across western New England and quickly become severe as warm front moves through. The storms have enough energy to make it to the coast. So there is an isolated threat of a severe storm around Boston. The strong storms continue to move through Massachusetts, until 11pm. After that the frontal boundary will be north of our area and storms should be sub-severe. More waves of rain and storms may push through into Saturday.

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Torrential rainfall will be a threat from any storm. This may lead to localized flash flooding. Lightning is a hazard with any storm as well. The reason we would get a warning would be from damaging wind potential or large hail. Also a brief isolated tornado threat Friday evening.

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The weekend starts off soggy. Scattered storms and showers continue to move through as the low pressure center passes across New England. As the cold front sweeps south Saturday night, it will drag our rain with it. Question is how quickly the rain will exit. Some models hint that we clear from north to south through Sunday. But lingering clouds hang around the south coast, Cape & islands Sunday. We will see lower dewpoint temps (lower humidity) and cooler highs in the 70s for Sunday.

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Stay tuned to the WBZ Storm Watch team for any watches or warnings on Friday.


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