BOSTON (CBS) – A fisherman got more than he bargained for while he reeled in his line off of Brewster.

Jeff Kadesh, the captain of an Aquarius Sportfishing boat out of Barnstable Harbor, said a fisherman on board experienced an unusual shark feeding on Sunday. The video was shared on the company’s Facebook page, titled “close encounters of the white shark kind.”

The fisherman was reeling in a catch when the shark bit it. What made this feeding different, Kadesh said, was that the shark then proceeded to follow the fish a long distance back to the boat.

After the shark got near the boat, it swam off. The fisherman reeled in what was left of the fish.

Kadesh said he’s seen shark encounters many times in his 50 years in the industry, including a separate one on Saturday. But the nature on Sunday’s bite was a bit different than the others.

Watch Video of Brewster Shark Encounter